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MIMA is well aware of the fact that it is quality and not the quantity that counts and makes the organization different from its competitors. Therefore, with the concentrated efforts and commitment of management, staff and workers, Bureau of Veritas Quality International (BVQI) has approved MIMA quality management system for quality standard 1S0-9002. MIMA has defined its Quality Policy within the framework of 1S0-9002 as:

We are committed to producing

leather of highest quality that meets the needs and expectations of our customers. We shall achieve this through management's commitment, participation of employees as a team, competitive price, on time deliveries, and continuous development and improvement of our personnel, processes and products".

The controlled laboratory testing only properly assesses the properties of leather. This is according to recognized test methods, which MIMA LAB is routinely performing. MIMA has in house facility for a number of these tests.




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