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MIMA has always supported any ventures
announced for the promotion of safety
healthy environment. As an active
member of PTA, MIMA has played an
effective role in the contract of Pakistan
Tanners Association (PTA) with a Dutch
company in 1997 to build a Combined
Effluent Treatment Plant. MIMA has
in-house installation of Chrome Recovery
plant & solid waste filters. The function of
these solid waste filters is to separate solid wastage and contaminated water.

                                                         MIMA takes extra care to avoid
                                                         the usage of hazardous and
                                                         harmful chemicals and dyes, for
                                                         example Chrome VI, PCP, AZO
                                                         dyes etc. MIMA belongs to the
                                                         congregation of Industries whose
                                                         slogan is "Environment Friendly